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If I break things off with him, how should we even continue a correspondence? Are you sure he was not taking advantage of your willingness of having a sexual affair, and he REALLY is serious?

It would not be advisable to maintain contact with him through Skype or emails either.

He wanted to stop drinking, and he wanted to only do good things.

So we continued our relationship with the idea that we were going to get married.

And I also think its wonderful that you have encouraged this brother to come back to want to practice the faith and be a good muslim. As far as dating goes, if you both stay very neutral by talking or skyping and keeping it halal then this is not dating.

no sweet words, no talk of relationship or love, then i think this is ok.

I have said that I want a true Muslim man, a good leader, a good husband, with a strong deen. Since we are long distance=== and dating is not permissible .. Make sure this is a trustworthy person, and will you really be able to live in this country in Southeast Asia? Away from family and friends and your support group?

Because I started my relationship with Shaitanalcohol and sexwith this particular man, im not so sure about things. If he is not concious of his responsibilities as a Muslim man (towards you and God), can he be trusted to do right by you in the future?

Look alot of people are not practicing islam like it should be practiced.

So if in your heart you feel that you got together for the wrong reasons... However if both of you indeed have changed, you can still fix this by going about your relationship the 'Halal' (Permissible way). My advise in a nutshell would be, if he doesn't want to marry you in the coming year, break up all contact with him. Welcome to Islam and the glad you found your way.

Pray for the best, and wait for what Allah has in store for you. And what a wonderful time to be brought into being a Muslimah than Ramadan..may Allah swt bless you.

I am a new Muslim I just converted this past One Ramadan and I am in need of relationship advice I have just learned that Dating is not permissible in Islam.

I have learned that we are only to court once two people have a marriage in mindeven then, all of the meetings need to follow Islam Guidelineswe cant be alone with one another, we need to be respectful and not too intimate.

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