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Leaving wars and other types of violence for deeper posts (and blogs), I also detest it when people get extremely prejudiced against other people.

That being said, I’m not so oblivious to the fact that I’m a bit prejudiced about extremely religious people. But when people think that heaven is all about following one particular religion blindly, it does get on my nerves.

Kind of a harsh statement I know, but it's a reality!

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Older men do seem to have better relationships with younger women than older women do with younger men.

You will have to judge for yourself depending on the other woman, but the one person you should never trust your partner to have a platonic relationship with is your best friend.

Best friends are a no, no in this particular case, because they are usually the ones who are the cause of your breakups or the one that your partner usually ends up with, in the event that your relationship has broken up.

He does not mind spending his money on her so she is happy with that and also the fact that she is young and beautiful she will not have to worry about him cheating on her, as is usually the case if she were dating a younger man of her own age bracket.

With regards to the older woman and the younger man, it is basically the same where money is concerned, it would definitely be assumed that the woman had lots of money and that's why the young man was interested in her.

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