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She is also shown to be quite argumentative, wanting to argue with a spectator who insulted Yuya and his father before his Duel with the Sledgehammer, showing that she can be just as defensive and caring of Yuya and his belief in his father.These worries are put at ease after the encouragement from Yuto and Yuya, reinstating her resolve and wishing to protect You Show Duel School and her friends.While in the Underground Labor Factory, Zuzu wore one of the factory's uniforms: a dark red full body suit with a hood and brown shoes without socks.After arriving at the Fusion Dimension's You Show Duel School, Zuzu receives a change of clothes that once belonged to Alexis when she enrolled in Duel Academy: a sleeveless white shirt with a pink pad over her chest and shoulders, a pink skirt and a white belt similar to Tori Meadows', except with a different color scheme. Zuzu has a kind, strong-willed personality coupled with an extremely short temper, the latter often resulting in her actions causing huge consequences.Her surname, Hiiragi, refers to the Osmanthus heterophyllus, an evergreen bush native to Japan that is similar to holly.The plant is mentioned twice in the Kojiki, once in the name of a kami (hihiragi-no-sono-hana-madzumi-no-kami, or "Deity Waiting to See the Flowers of the Holly") and once as the wood of a spear presented to Yamato Takeru no Mikoto by his father Emperor Keiko, prior to sending him eastward to "subdue and pacify the savage Deities and the unsubmissive people of the twelve roads of the East" (ie, conquer the land to the East).According to Yuya, Zuzu was always there for Yuya in his childhood when he was being tormented over his father's disappearance and would comfort him.

When Zuzu refused to go with Yuri, she performed several backflips in quick succession and landed with ease.Her first dub name is based on her Japanese name and is also an Eastern European diminutive of 'Susan'.Together with her surname, her name is a reference to singer Susan Boyle, in reference to the Deck she uses.Later, she starts wearing some of Rin's clothes while staying at Yugo's orphanage in the Synchro Dimension: the first outfit was a pink top and yellow shorts.During the Friendship Cup, Zuzu wears one of Rin's Turbo Dueling outfits; a predominantly white one-piece short-sleeved jacket-miniskirt combination with light pink shoulder pads and hot pink markings, in addition to back pockets; long white gloves with light pink elbow pads that extend over her elbows, hot pink pants, and white knee-length form-fitting boots with light pink kneepads.

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