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Verso sud est, da Magliano all’Albegna compaiono terreni sciolti neoautoctoni, originatisi da sedimenti marini o continentali.

I suoli principalmente sono di origine sedimentaria.

It ‘a principally hilly landscape where the vines reach up to an altitude of about 500 m slm. To the northwest, on the side that extends from Scansano Montorgiali, Montiano and Grosseto, we find the whole of the Tuscan facies, and in particular the group of clayey marl and sandstone.

To the north-east and south of Scansano are found mostly soils of uncertain palaeographic classification, belonging to the group of fissile clays, limestone, limestones with nummulites Eocene.

The company is young, but the story that led to it is very long and passes through four generations by their passion for the vineyard and its fruits that are sublimated in the wine, the synthesis of life, passion and love for our land.

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