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“It’s very rare you will ever find someone who really likes you for who you are — for yourself, your originality… Rarely, if ever, do you find someone who really cares.” There’s another reason i Gen’ers are uncertain about relationships: you might get hurt, and you might find yourself dependent on someone else—reasons that intertwine with i Gen’s individualism and focus on safety.

“People who are so heavily reliant on relationships for their whole source of emotional security don’t know how to cope when that’s taken away from them,” says Haley, 18, who attends community college in San Diego.

“Like your boyfriend could have been talking to somebody for months behind your back and you’ll never find out,” 15-year-old Madeline from the Bronx said in the social media expose .

“Love is just a word, it has no meaning,” she said.

Many young i Gen’ers also fear losing their identity through relationships or being too influenced by someone else at a critical time.

One of the ways this shows up in their behavior is dating — or not: In large, national surveys, only about half as many i Gen high school seniors (vs.

“I just feel like that period in college from twenty to twenty-five is such a learning experience in and of itself.

It’s difficult to try to learn about yourself when you’re with someone else.” Even if they go well, relationships are stressful, i Gen’ers say.

There are other ways to live a meaningful life, and in college especially, a romantic relationship can bring us farther from rather than closer to that goal,” wrote Columbia University sophomore Flannery James in the campus newspaper.

In i Gen’ers’ view, they have lots of things to do on their own first, and relationships could keep them from doing them.

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