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And so, ultimately on that direction Jonathan Neale and I work very closely together.

And when this opportunity came along it really started off with me and Fernando kind of joking around about it. We then had a breakfast with Honda and he told them of his desire to race at Indianapolis and ultimate try to win the triple crown.

I was actually kind of serious, but I wasn’t sure if he would be. At that point I could tell he was serious about it, but didn’t think 2017 was the timeline we were talking about.

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What did it take to pull this deal off, Alonso to Indy, both externally, but also internally within Mc Laren? Take a step back: my boss, or bosses, are the executive committee, which is run by Sheikh Mohamed and Mansour Ojjeh and they are a real driving force and motivational individuals who are really pushing us to do new and exciting things.

So yeah, I think we’ve hopefully closed that gap a little bit here.

The car seems better suited to this circuit and hopefully we can build on that through the weekend.

So, starting with our new head of aero, Dirk de Beer, who joined us now many weeks ago actually and who has already had a significant impact in our aero team and is doing a fantastic job and obviously the car he designed won the first race this year, so that’s a real positive for us. His arrival into the team has been hugely motivational more than anything so far.

Obviously it’s going to take a bit of time for him to embed himself in the team and to found out where the true weaknesses are and to start rectifying those.

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