Dating services in overland park kansas

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This is where I ask them a bunch of financial questions - job, gross income, credit cards (limit & balance), checking & savings accounts (bank, branch, balance).This is just a ploy to see how much money you have to give them that day to sign up.I called the company, Together, and was set up for an interview the following day.

So, my 3rd week, I finally got a paycheck & finally found out that I was making an hour, but was only getting 30 hours a week (not the 40 - 42 I was told at the interview).

I was told that I would get copies of all those papers that I signed, but never did.

In just 4 days, I was to memorize the entire book of their sales script.

So, you could be matched up with a convicted rapist & as long as that rapist doesn't tell Together of his conviction, neither you nor Together would have any idea!

I don't think they would care even if they did know about it, as long as they made their money.

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