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I saw this in the most recent catalog I received and immediately went to the website to buy it. They are adorable and make me happy to look at them.

In the United States where excessive salt is considered unhealthy, salt is stored in the shaker with the fewest holes, but in parts of Europe where pepper was historically a rare spice, this is reversed.

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Except in the most casual dining establishments, they are usually provided as a matched set, sometimes distinguishable only by the number of holes on the top of the shaker.View Product These pocket sized tins are personalized with a printed label with your choice of romantic designs. Wonderful wedding favors, anniversary favors, bridal shower favors or birthday party favors.View Product var active Viewport, dual Col Flag = true; function refresh UI() var auto Tab Scroll On Mobile = true; $(function () ); (function($, viewport))(j Query, Responsive Bootstrap Toolkit); refresh UI(); $('.prod-review-no a').click(function(e)) /* PRODUCT HERO THUMBNAILS START */ var prod Heros=[]; var active Hero = prod Heros?Designs range from small, plain glass screw cap containers (invented by John Landis Mason, inventor of the Mason jar) to more ornate works of art.Sometimes the design refers to some pair of related objects—such as a replica of a West Highland White Terrier containing salt and a Scottish Terrier containing pepper.

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