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The embossing heat gun I use is one made by Marvy Uchida, I've had it for about twelve years and it still works great.

An embossing heat gun gets hotter than a hair dryer so you need to use caution when you use it.

I also use these to make borders, just run the marker along a plain or fancy ruler and emboss. Embossing is one of my favorite ways to use foam stamps.

I get a nice bold image that I cut out and use on my cards or scrapbook pages.

There are Fine Line Detail powders for detailed stamps. There are powders that sparkle with glitter, powders that are scented, some that glow in the dark.

I didn't get pink -- I got white with tiny red flecks in it. I have found embossing powder recipes on the internet and mixed up a few of my own. its never been better its been never worseyou are not the first I found the opposite of nowdid you win?Build automation | Release Management | Dev Ops | Site Reliabality Engineering | Configuration Management | Version Control Systems | Continuous Delivery | Containers | Microservices | Cluster resource management | Cloud services | Analytics You can expand vmware disk space in already installed VM Workstation by using a utility called vmware-vdiskmanager.You also need cardstock and alcohol free baby wipes to clean your stamps with.I stamp on a piece of paper so I can funnel the embossing powder back into the jar.

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