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Deep down, I still thought of meeting people on the Web as the provenance of pasty code-crunchers, Star Trek fans and axe-murders on parole; in my day, skulling beer and throwing oneself at the nearest unattended male seemed to work well, and I saw no reason for change. Apparently, as well as being a planet-wide repository for useless information about Nicole Richie and a great place to flog off your used drive-train, the Internet is like a giant singles’ bar, and a lot of those singles ride bikes. Touted as “New Zealand’s largest premium dating site,” this service lets you search by keyword, so I tried looking for straight males, 18 to 64 (I’m not one to be ageist), with the keyword MTB. I got 56 results, including a couple of gentlemen with promising user names like , I did the same search, but for straight women. Yes, ladies, for every single mountain biking female on the Internet, there are at least 3.5 males looking for you! Is the world full of men who want nothing more than a woman to go riding with?Furthermore, the singles who do ride bikes are mostly male, so if you’re a who cycles, the place is a goldmine. Could men be attracted to chicks on bikes like Bill Clinton was attracted to big-boned interns?But if you’re female, and you like to ride, the news is nothing but good.Downhill or cross country, lycra or baggies, your bike is like catnip to the male cyclist and you, my friend, are as rare and beautiful as the South Island Takahe, as sought after as a cool beer at a chilli-eating contest.

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