Dating meaning in kannada

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edict at "Hanmidi" (also known as Halmidi) dated AD 450.The first-ever available literary work is "Kaviraja Maarga" (AD 850), a text of literary criticism during Rashtrakoota dynasty when Amoghavarsha was the king.language has been spoken for about 2500 years, with the Kannada writing system being in use for about the last 1900 years.The initial development of the Kannada language is similar to that of other Dravidian languages, notably Tamil and Telugu.

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In North America, I say I'm a dating columnist.There are references to many poets and writers such as Sri Vijaya, Kaveeshwara and Durvineeta in the text, which traces the history of Kannada literature even then for over 1,200 years.kisigannadi" of Kannada Gelayara Balaga, Bangalore, claims that the term "Karnata" figures in the Mahabharata.(Source: years of bitter struggle, Kannada has finally got the classical language status.The Union government announced that Kannada, besides Telugu, would get the classical tag on the occasion of Rajyotsava day.

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