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Decked out in flowers -- in pots on the twinkly lit patio floors -- Off Vine is one of the more quaint, charming, almost preciously un-Hollywood restaurants in Tinseltown.The rustic, remodeled American Craftsman cottage will make even the most hardened date swoon; add in great food and music that includes classics by everyone from Whitney Houston to Cat Stevens, and you've got yourself a sure thing (or at least a sure-ish thing).A favorite for matchmakers sending clients on first dates, the drop-dead rooftop restaurant Perch has almost become predictably romantic.

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If romance for you means Michelin-star-caliber food, truffles, and a 10-course tasting menu, your best LA bet is Mélisse.Romantic restaurants may seem like a clichéd way to heat things up with your sweetheart (or that hottie you just swiped right to), but with LA’s next-level food scene and penchant for dramatic design, it’ll actually do the job -- and then some.Whether it’s 360-degree views of the city skyline or lush hideaways lit by candles, here are LA’s sexiest restaurants to set the mood.It may be a splurge, but it’s worth it for the panoramic views of the skyline, beaches, and mountains.This upscale destination, elevated by Chef Vartan Abgaryan’s global touches on American dishes, is situated 950-feet high in the US Bank Tower.

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