Dating in latin american culture

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I suppose there is still an air of propriety here, but the boundaries aren’t as clearly defined, regulated or followed as they are by traditional Latin men and women.

If you’re dating a Latino, you’ll want to be aware of how you look, how you dress, what you say and what you don’t say in public, and even more so in front of friends and family.

Nonetheless, they can be helpful for understanding the region as a whole. In a study of 164 females studying at 18 different study abroad sites in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America, Latin America was ranked the highest in terms of gender differential treatment. In more personal situations, they should be aware that, in general terms, male/female friendship is not as common as it may be in the U.

Gender Differences: A marked gender differentiation in Latin American culture can significantly shape U. S., and even if a female study abroad student tells a host national male that she wants to be only friends, he might interpret their relationship differently. females face in Latin America arises from the proliferation of U. films that lead many Latin American men to assume that U. women are sexually “easy and loose.” At the same time, U. S.-based study abroad students have had a role in shifting perceptions of homosexual, bisexual, and transgendered people among host families and other members of the local host community.

S., and that they must adapt to changing situations and expect the unexpected.

They must also be informed that many things can take significantly longer to accomplish than in the U. students stress what they put in their mouths rather than what they say at a meal in terms of social niceties and conversation; a host mother once commented that she wished that U. students were not so worried about being politically correct in their food choices and instead were socially correct in their behavior and attitude. Citron is an Intercultural Education Specialist at Dartmouth College and Director of the Inter-American Partnership for Education, a program of Worldfund and Dartmouth College's Rassias Center for World Languages and Cultures.

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This is due in part to the need for more flexibility and adjustability due to unexpected events or circumstances that commonly occur in daily life in the region. S.-based students soon find that they can’t usually “plan” their days in Latin America the way they do in the U.

S., especially activities of a bureaucratic nature. Most Latin Americans are taught from a young age to eat whatever is put in front of them. Mealtime is an important social event in Latin America. study abroad students’ behavior—which can be even more pronounced as a reaction to newfound freedom—to be puzzling, distressing, and inhibiting to positive relationship development. S.-based study abroad students may need to be more careful regarding what and where they eat and drink to avoid intestinal and other problems.

Eating Habits: Many Latin Americans find it hard to understand the many different types of diets and voluntary food selection choices of U. Alcohol Use: In Latin America, alcohol is not typically “prohibited” as it is for U. teens and young adults; neither is there the cultural inclination to use alcohol primarily for the purpose of getting drunk. In many parts of Latin America, more stress may be given to dialogue and personal contact, including physical touch, than to apparently sanitary conditions, which can make some U.

In dating situations in Latin America there tends to be more stress on exclusive dating relationships than on “playing the field.” Concomitantly, in encounters of a sexual nature, “no” may be interpreted quite differently by a Latin male, especially if the female study abroad student has either invited or accepted being alone in a place such as a bedroom, a vacation house, or the like. S.-based students should be aware that the concept of machismo as commonly portrayed in the U. is an incomplete and culturally-biased perception of gender relations in Latin America. Higher Education: In Latin America, university education is primarily professional preparation. Although there is some regional variation, speakers from many parts of Latin America use the same word, “carrera,” for what English expresses as academic major and as career. Teaching in general follows the idea of the professor as “expert” and “transmitter of knowledge,” and less importance is attached to student participation than in the U. The lecture format predominates, and discourse tends to be more circular and abstract than is the norm in the U. Obtaining high grades tends not to be accorded as much importance in Latin America as it is in the U.

Sexual Orientation: While there are marked national, regional, group, and individual differences among Latin Americans regarding views of same-sex relationships and transgendered individuals, in general terms there is less acceptance and more comments might be voiced in Latin America that could be perceived as derogatory in many parts of the U. In addition, access to the university is generally viewed as a privilege, in contrast with the increasingly “consumerist” orientation that prevails at many U. S., and there tends to be little if any grade inflation in Latin America. Planning Ahead Versus Spontaneity: In Latin America, less emphasis is often given to planning ahead than in the U.

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