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--Saritamackita (talk) , 15 March 2008 (UTC) We got some great comments during herpes simplex peer review. If any editors want to help plough through these and improve herpes simplex for WP: FAR, please go ahead!

, 25 March 2008 (UTC) I found a virology article that I found very interesting about Herpes. cookie Set=1 Saritamackita (talk) , 25 March 2008 (UTC) There is a database of Herpes simplex host/viral interactions at videos relevant to each stage of the life cycle, which may be of interest.

That could be held in some other article, such as race. If you would really like to blow a gut, search "herpes seroprevalence survey".

I believe that was one of my additions, and it is based on the STD surveys conducted since the early 60's and the information derived from them, as well as several retrospective seroprevalance studies done on sera collected during the NHANES studies. GOV website and any issues that you have with the way they title their surveys and the facts that are derived from them should be taken up with the Center for Disease Control, the US government, those researchers that have used the NHANES material in their research, or JAMA, NEJM, JID, STD, and other journals that have published these findings. The paper at the top of the list, about HSV-2 in NYC, from STD April 2008, contains the phrase "Black women had the highest seroprevalence (59.7%) of any sex or race/ethnicity group." I again apologize for confusing you with facts.

It would be helpful to show pictures of more typical symptoms, and not what it looks like when you get a severe primary outbreak. Edmund Schluessel (talk) , 26 August 2009 (UTC) Stress is without a doubt a trigger of outbreaks. This line should be rewritten, so it's not racist-POV.pikipiki (talk) , (UTC) I also reverted your deletion.I read medical textbooks and journals all the time, and they regularly refer to "black race" or "African-American." They usually specify "self-identified." So that's what "black race" means.They also regularly refer to "Ashkinazi Jews" or "people of Celtic origin" for other diseases.Some diseases are more frequent in some populations, and "black race" is a good marker for those populations.

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