Dating glacier layers

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After many weeks of intense effort, the wings and fuselage were brought to the surface through a large opening made by using the ‘gopher’ to sink four more holes side by side.

The pieces were helicoptered to a Greenland port, then sea-freighted to the US for final restoration.

This turned out to be more difficult than imagined, as the plane had actually been more damaged by the crushing weight than met the eye.

However, when operational again, it will be using around 80% of its original parts.

‘Millions of years’ are casually tossed around so often that we unconsciously perceive all natural changes as taking long timespans.

They are a highly prized collector’s item; only five were believed to be flying at the time the Lost Squadron P–38 was salvaged —under c. Return to text It took the two of them many years, much money and several failed expeditions before the first real clue came.

Using a sophisticated form of radar with the help of an Icelandic geophysicist, they located eight large shapes beneath the ice in 1988.

This is despite ample demonstrations that these things do not need vast time periods.

Epps and Taylor realised that it would be impossible to dig or blast through this astonishing depth of solid ice, which had built up in less than 50 years.

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