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Because police detective is a higher ranking and higher paid position than police officer, it requires more experience and knowledge.

Time spent as a patrol officer is usually mandatory before becoming eligible to pursue the position of detective.

They work closely with their CSI unit, which collects, analyzes, and reports the physical evidence, freeing up the detective's time to focus on suspects and witnesses.

Financial crimes detectives focus on the growing problem of white collar crime.

While a great deal of knowledge is learned on the job, further training and education in investigative techniques are required to make detective.

This training and education are specified by the department that employs the aspiring detective.

They may meet personally or receive written reports. The next promotion after a detective is sergeant, then lieutenant.

So my dream is to work in law enforcement, and eventually become a homicide detective.

When I talk to my guy friends or brothers about this I'm told how unattractive the idea of seriously dating a female cop is.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is a federal agency that enforces the laws and regulations of the United States concerning controlled substances.

The DEA employs Agents, which is what usually comes to mind when thinking of the DEA, as well as Diversion Investigators, Chemists, Fingerprint Specialists, and Intelligence Research Specialists.

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