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We dress in authentic cowboy and old west clothing for our friendly competition shoots. We have between 4 – 6 stages set up for each match.We use authentic replicas for our firearms dating from the 1860s to the 1890s. Visitors are welcome to watch (eye and ear protection are required).Competitors shoot single-action revolvers, pistolcaliber lever action rifles, or oldtime shotguns, and use ammunition filed with “cowboy loads,” which use less gunpowder to help shooters stay on target with minimal recoil. Participants also adopt an alias to fit their character— it’s a liberating feeling to be known as Lead Dispencer or Halfa-Hand Henri (both of whom are World Champions).

Johnson Creek Regulars is a group of fun loving men and women who honor the cowboys of the old west.

Visit information (and to choose your unique shooting alias).

Ken Amorosano is publisher of Western Shooting Horse magazine ( LINKS TO THE PASTSingle Action Shooting Society: City.

Originally, she committed to an East Coast life, but after a few journeys West, the cowboy life put its hooks in her.

Serpa found her way into the rodeo arena not because she aspired to be a woman of note, but because she recognized a need for her skills—before her, nobody was photographing the kids in the arena.

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