Dating analogies

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“[Dating is] like an ‘American Idol’ audition,” she said in a recent interview. Kelly’s words have inspired me to round up other celebrities who’ve made great analogies about love, dating, and relationships.

You have heard this before, but have you done anything about it?I was out with a different set of friends a few weeks ago when talk turned to dates — the good, the bad and the ugly, and as the conversation went around it turns out that two of the women had gone out with the same guy. They tell me that since they are stay-at-home moms or since they have “jobs” and not “careers” that they don’t have access to the same number of ponds. We all have multiple ponds within our own little bubbles.We just have to think about it, let go of what’s comfortable, grab our rod and reel, and head out!Intellectually, we all know this makes sense, but putting it into action can often be tougher.Great dates aren’t just going to show up on your front porch.

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