Consolidating county hospital indiana

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They are small, with no more than 25 inpatient beds, highly transitory, with a stay of no more than 96 hours, and located in places that are at least 35 miles away from any other hospital. Twenty CAHs that opened in 2012 have already filed for bankruptcy.

Some health professionals are sorry to see them go, while others point to studies that show they provide a lower quality of care than other hospitals.

Community hospitals have been hit particularly hard.

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As part of the collaboration, the initiative has earmarked 0,000 to fund a pilot project that will use remote patient monitoring and virtual office visits to connect patients with healthcare workers from the participating hospitals through real-time video technology.“They're getting an opportunity to be a little bit choosier about who they choose,” Hagood said.Even in a not-for-profit deal where no money is changing hands, the seller can ask for more capital or clinical commitments from the buyer, he added. Today, we explore how community-based and patient-centered medical homes can help to strengthen the communities they serve.Earlier this year, the Health Resources and Services Administration awarded more than 0,000 in federal grant money to connect 10 Maine hospitals in five counties in a health collaborative aimed at improving rural health services.

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