Color blind dating

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There are many things to learn about color blindness and a lot of questions which arise when you are confronted with it.

But some of the questions seem to be the most essential ones because I get them asked again and again.

In my eyes, this is a very complex task to accomplish. If he still has a problem with colors you might go and visit an eye specialist.

But before that it is to early and it wouldn’t help anybody to know if he really is colorblind or not.

There are different sets available which are often used for pilot, police officer and other job recruitments, where perfect color vision is a precondition. But do you really know, which test set will be used and in which order.

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color blind dating-73

Many concerned mothers ask me, how they can find out if their two to five year old son is colorblind: “My son can already count and he also knows the letters but fails on naming colors correctly”. Many children don’t grasp it in the first years, even if they can read numbers and letters.This causes a shift in your perceived color spectrum which means that you might some colors in an other part of the color spectrum.Often color correcting lenses are used to pass some color blindness tests like the Ishihara plate test.I couldn’t find any approve of this and personally I don’t believe, that it works.On the other hand there is a modern colorblind cyborg, who is wearing a camera which transforms color informations into sounds.

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