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No, he says again, and he never loses his smile as he explains it to me: "We can choose to get on this lovely Ferris wheel, have a nice relaxing ride, get in the stable car, enjoy the view, have a nice conversation—or we could have chosen to be wild and crazy and gotten on the Cyclone. I've ridden the Cyclone.", a year when none of us had the internet yet, some of us didn't even have VCRs—some of us, I fear, weren't even born yet?He reportedly dated aaaall of his co-stars: Patricia Arquette, Samantha Mathis, Winona Ryder. In the Christian Slater interview of my dreams, he and I are on day three of an interstate crime spree by now.And there I was, shaking my head all over again, because Christian Slater is not supposed to be early and prepared.Christian Slater is supposed to make me wait in the June sun while his publicist sends not-really-apologetic e-mails that he's running a few days late.

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He'll talk in limitless detail about how he's grown, but only in the vaguest terms about what he's been through, and who he's been through it with. See this comparison chart I've made you below:1998: "I lost myself, and a lot of characters I played I have latched onto some of their identities, just because I was so lacking in anything of my own.As good as the show is, evidently some people saw these twists coming. I've tried to figure out why, and what I've come up with is that the idea of Christian Slater being old enough to have an adult son was—still is—unfathomable to me. But in fact, the first actor Christian Slater ever tried to copy was Yul Brynner.Slater was just a boy, living in Hell's Kitchen with his mother, and she was dating a theater prop master who took Christian to the theater with him every night.And then there was Christian Slater in a title role, a logical extension of the persona he created in The show's first big twist was that Mr. (Sorry, but you've had a year.) The next was that his dad is dead and that Mr.Robot is a figment of Elliot's imagination (ibid).

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