Chelsea handler speed dating

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Alas, it was only for an undercover investigation but shiiiit, we can dream can’t we?

Rating: 7/10 Status: Probably in his office listening to Adele singing “we coulda had it all”...

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Rating: 6/10 Status: Riding off into the sunset alone.She lived out there," the actor recalled."Oh yeah, I didn't know you guys dated," Handler said."Why did you think we were at breakfast every morning?" Speedman asked."Well listen, I said, 'Oh, he used to come here with Keri, they dated,'" Handler added.Andy Eckerson strolled into SVU HQ like he was Richard Gere in An Officer and a Gentleman.But Liv’s never been the type to be picked up and carried; no, she's the one who does the carrying!

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