Chattanooga nudity

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Tennessee prohibits both indecent exposure and public indecency, essentially prohibiting sexual activity in public, public nudity, and genital exposure to adults or children for sexual gratification.

The details of Tennessee's indecent exposure laws are outlined below.

The cast of "Hair" gathers around the stage during a musical number in Wednesday's rehearsal at the Chattanooga Theatre Center. • "Equus" will be offered at Barking Legs Theater, 1307 Dodds Ave., Fridays and Saturdays at p.m. "Whether this constitutes that is another issue," Noblett said. It may not be a big deal." When it came to their productions, the Chattanooga Theatre Centre and the Ensemble Theater arrived at different conclusions on whether to include the nude scenes.

In the 1970s a traveling Broadway version of the show that used nudity was banned in Chattanooga, but actors in the current production will keep their clothes on. • "Hair" will be offered on the Circle Stage at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, 400 River St., on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. For information, call the box office at 267-8534 or visit "Hair" director Scott Dunlap said theater officials' understanding of the law after consultation with an attorney was that theaters had no special dispensation when it came to a display of nudity -- that it would be judged similar to other adult establishments. Superimposing was that actors would want to bring parents or friends." Posey, on the hand, had no choice if he was to present "Equus." The rights forbade nude-colored body stockings, underwear or pasties. No." According to the city code, a violation of the adult-oriented establishments article is "a definite sum not exceeding ." NUDITY IN CONTEXT The fuss is over a 20-second scene, normally done behind a scrim, in "Hair," and five to seven minutes at the end of a 21/2-hour show in "Equus." The message of "Hair" is not that people should be naked, though "it's certainly a purposeful, provocative image of freedom," Dunlap said.

If the defendant is 18 or older, the victim is under 13, and the defendant has two or more prior convictions for any of these crimes, then it is a Class E Felony.

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