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Winter in Miami might not compare to the cold climate of other cities, but this year has seen its fair share of chilly temps.

Sweaters are out in full force, and you know what that means: it’s time to light up a bonfire or get that fireplace roaring.

Note that the firewood might be cut into 16” lengths, so a cord would contain 3 rows or “ricks.” Wood makes for an efficient and environmentally friendly fuel choice.Various tree species dry at different speeds, which leads us to tip number two…Choose the right species It’s important to know the type of wood, which will make it easy to determine how long it will take to dry as well as how strong and hot the fire will burn.Experience first class service and accommodations, while having the freedom of cruising to destinations of your choice on your own schedule.Enjoy gourmet dining, wines and an open bar tailored to your preferences.

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