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Again, I think the whole exercise was performed for the promotion of tourism to Rennes-le-Château and to add spice to Kurtis’ programme.Robert Eisenman with Bill Kurtis and his TV crew in Rennes-le-Château © Robert Eisenman I was not aware of any press conference that had been called, as has been oddly reported elsewhere, and certainly did not participate in any ‘press conference’ myself.His books, which are scholarly works, include: Some of Eisenman’s works Eisenman received his BA from Cornell University in 1958, an MA from New York University in 1966 and a Ph D from Columbia University in 1971.His work is varied, such as his book, , which chronicles poetry from his travels in the Middle East, India, Europe and America in the early 1960’s. that the workman in charge of Bérenger Saunière’s restorations had left behind a letter indicating that the priest had buried a chest or casket beneath the foundations of the Tour Magdala, in Rennes-le-Château? Anyhow, we were doing radar ground scans at Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and the underwriter, John Merrill, expressed interest in Rennes-le-Château and the Templars, so we thought, why not have a go at Rennes-le-Château with the same team.However, there were some press people hanging around, who had ‘gotten wind’ of something going on at Rennes-le-Château, which was always news.One managed to collar my assistant with questions, and I severely rebuked him for responding in any shape or form.The Mayor did instruct some of his own workmen (not us – we did not have any workmen or anyone willing to lift a spade) to do some digging in the floor of one of the buildings, under his auspices, where he felt he had a right to dig, and some radar signatures had earlier been found.For reasons known only to him, he immediately called a halt to the proceedings when his people came upon a stone or some such thing.

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You won’t find me anywhere in sight, as I was very wary of this and knew enough to stay away from any digging not authorized by the DRAC.Having conducted extensive ground scans of Qumran in 1990-91, by the time you arrived in Rennes-le-Château you were no stranger to explorative excavations.What did you expect to find when you and Andrea Barattolo set out to excavate beneath the Tour Magdala in August 2003, and what did you to find?Preparing ground scans under the Tour Magdala in Rennes-le-Château as the former Mayor, Jean-François L’Huillier, looks on © Robert Eisenman When the then Mayor, Jean-François L’Huillier, invited us to use our ground scan equipment inside the church itself, we were quite pleased and most happy to accommodate him.As most of the world now knows, we discovered some interesting anomalies – some oddities behind the altar but, in particular, the appearance of two sepulchres beneath the floor of the church – this, according to the professional analysis of Professor Harry Jol of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, a universally-acknowledged radar ground scan expert.

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