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In general, departures on longer-distance routes tend to be more frequent in the morning, tailing off in the afternoon.

Seat reservations are almost unheard of except on long-distance buses to Jaffna.

Trains offer a more characterful, if generally slower, means of getting about, and will get you to many parts of the country – eventually.

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Details of getting around by bike and specialist cycle tours are covered in the “Sports and outdoor activities” section.If you’re flagging down a bus by the roadside, one final hazard is in getting on.Drivers often don’t stop completely, instead slowing down just enough to allow you to jump aboard.Bus fares, on both private and SLTB services, are extremely low.For journeys on non-express buses, count on around Rs.50 per hour’s travel, rising to around Rs.80 on express minibuses.

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