Build an instantly updating dynamic website with jquery ajax

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You click a link or a form's Submit button, and the request is sent to the server, which then processes that request and sends back a response.The best way to sum up this model is "click, wait, view." It's a never-ending rinse-and-repeat cycle that you know all too well.In other words, if your page needed to show constantly updated information, you either had to put in some kind of auto-refresh hack or make the user refresh or click a link to make things happen. The first Ajax allows you to create a page in any programming language, then refresh different parts of that page with information from a database or some other back-end server process.For example, say you have an e-commerce site that shows products for sale.I know that my code is not that impressive and it might be lots of faults in it. Or maybe there is an easier and better way to make a website like this?

That's where tools and frameworks like j Query come in: They vastly simplify how you interact with Ajax, speeding our time to code completion.Also, when I click on the "home" button in my banner to return to the frontpage the opposite happens.The last button that had .toggle Class activated keeps it's class and style even though I'm not on that page anymore, but returned to the initial index.If you're one of these PHP developers, never fear: By the time you're done reading this article, you'll know enough to become a real Ajax pro.This article shows how to use j Query to easily add Ajax functionality to any PHP Web application.

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