Bt home hub dynamic dns not updating

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My questions are, 1, Isnt this Static supposed to be routable from the WWW?and if so, who do I have to speak to to get that sorted?In response to our query on this we have been told that a very small outage is to be expected every now and again.Again this has not been our experience historically.

Every computer attached to the Internet has an IP address.

Since the upgrade of our service to ADSL2 a couple of months ago, and a subsequent change to the router (BT Voyager 220V), we have found that the IP address now changes every day or two.

We could probably accept that this is expected behaviour maybe due to a change in the BT servers that allocate IP addresses.

These Dynamic DNS services allow the user to choose a hostname and set an initial IP address to correspond to that hostname.

The software utility then periodically checks for a change to the computer's IP address, and when a new IP address is discovered, it updates the Dynamic DNS database to reflect that change.

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