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Pretos tend to be predominantly African in ancestry, while pardos tend to have a lesser percentage of African ancestry.On average pardos are predominantly European, with African or Native American ancestries.Since the early 21st century, Brazilian government agencies such as the SEPPIR and the IPEA, have considered combining the categories preto and pardo (individual with varied racial ancestries), as a single category called negro (Black, capital initial), because both groups show socioeconomic indications of discrimination.

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First, a great number of racial terms are in use in Brazil, indicating a flexibility in thinking about the topic.

The term does not have widespread use in Brazil, where social constructs and classifications have been based on appearance.

People with noticeable African features and skin color are generally referred to (and they identify) as negro or preto ("black").

Telles' second system is that of popular classification.

Two IBGE surveys made more than 20 years apart (the 1976 National Household Sample Survey (PNAD) and the July 1998 Monthly Employment Survey (PME) have been analyzed to assess how Brazilians think of themselves in racial terms.

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