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Real men have a well-defined code of ethics and respect that they follow.How can anyone call himself a man if the last time he had to confront another man — whether it be over a social incident or for business purposes — was before he hit puberty?If we want to listen to our favorite song, we find it on You Tube, i Tunes or Spotify. We have this false belief that doing things faster will give us a life more fulfilled — that it will lead to us being happier. Men no longer feel the need to pause and reflect because the options for whatever it is they want are only a click away.

It’s not by choice; it’s just the way that I am wired.These tips will help you get and keep your female lifter.Some of us will get more into lifting, others will just maintain.Having to wait and having to deal with our urges and wants without instantly having them satisfied is what builds character and is what we are now lacking in this fast-paced age. We are never in the moment because we are always considering what we will be doing next in order to not become bored.If we want food, we order it online and have it delivered. Character is most often built during those moments between activities, during moments of solitude and reflection.

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