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In late October, cities and towns around the country were all tricked out in Halloween decorations. Despite that, despite the warnings from her family, Stacy stayed with him. They married in a Bolingbrook field in October 2003. Now this is what we know about Stacy’s last days with friends and family. 19, Stacy’s friend Scott Rossetto met her at a restaurant. I thought-- I was under the impression she was going to be spending time with her grandfather. Hoda Kotb: Are you at all concerned about what the exhumation of the body and the autopsy will show? Official autopsy results are still to come in Kathy’s case.

she was very mature for her age in a lot of senses because she had a very tough upbringing.

The Illinois state police were in charge of the case. Stacy and Drew had been married barely four years when she vanished. According to Drew whatever his wife wanted, she got. that night when he says she called him with a devastating announcement: she was leaving him. Walter Martineck: He goes, "I've got to talk to you. " He goes, "I think I just helped move Stacy with Drew." I go, huh? In late 2001, Kathy received an anonymous letter that shattered her world. But she was happy in a roundabout way because now she was able to live her life, be free. That spring, Drew moved into a house with Stacy a few blocks away. His friend and former neighbor Steve Carcerano saw a couple of ugly spats. And things that normally she would, you know, blow off, she would snap on. Once his story hit the headlines, Drew Peterson’s attorney took to the airwaves to deny the whole thing and discredit Drew's stepbrother.

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And day after day, Stacy’s family and friends organized volunteers into search parties. He told anyone who'd listen that they were looking in the wrong place. Family and friends told investigators the two seemed to be battling constantly -- that Stacy said Drew would abuse her verbally, criticize her so severely that she felt insecure about her looks and had several plastic surgeries. There was an instance where he had knocked her into the TV. Pam Bosco: There was her phone record completely written and documented where she was. According to Pam, Cassandra and Drew spoke on the phone at p.m. Morphey was somehow convinced the container held Stacy’s body, even though no one knew she was missing at that point. She called me back and she said, "I’m on my way to get an order of protection." She said, "Drew threw me against the refrigerator. And the quote from your sister was, "He wants me dead." Sue Doman: Yes. She would be complaining about the age thing a lot. Sue Doman: That he had to pay so much money of child support. I thought I would never see them again." Hoda Kotb: She was that terrified, huh? Hoda Kotb: So-- Sue Doman: And she told him, "You go ahead and kill me.

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Hoda Kotb: You don't think she's out there in the woods somewhere? I think one time he actually picked her up and threw her across the room. Pam Bosco: That's when she heard the rustling of the keys. Walter says he struggled to make sense of a wild story. Walter Martineck: He goes, "I went with Drew to his house. " You know, "Hey, you know, I love your sister." Would hug her and kiss her in front of us. Drew Peterson: I think she was lying in bed one day. “Bitch,” “whore.” "You look like a dog." She needed to go to Jenny Craig. Hospital records show Kathy landed in an emergency room on one occasion and the records reflect the story Kathy told her sister. He was chasing me with a stick." And I said, "what's-- what's going on? Someone from the police department said I was the laughing stock of the town.” He was having an affair. And you know, I even pulled her aside a couple of times and said "It doesn't really matter about the age Kathy, whether she's 18 or whether she's 28 or 42. You just go ahead and do that now." Sue says Kathy told her Drew pulled back. And says that he's the one who broke off the engagement -- not her. Hoda Kotb: So does that make you-- does that make you have pause? " Drew Peterson: Well her sister died about a year ago.

He asked me to help him move something, and I said 'Yeah.'" I go, "That's understood, but what do you mean, Stacy? And I just crawled in with her and I put a ring on her hand. And he's really good, and he can provide very well for me.” Hoda Kotb: How'd you feel as her sister, at that point? Because she just-- you know, she's my baby sister, I wanted the best for her. She needed to do anything to make herself look better because she was looking horrible. Sue Doman: He took her head and took her hair, she had long hair, and he beat her against a wooden table. You know he found somebody else." The Bolingbrook police, Drew's fellow officers, were called to Kathy’s house 17 times over a two year period for cases involving Drew. Twice Kathy was charged with battery -- and twice she was found not guilty. In July 2002, she told police, Drew surprised her in the house and threatened her with a knife. However, when Kathy filed a police report she said she didn't want Drew arrested and declined to get another order of protection. The Bolingbrook force handed the investigation over to the Illinois state police and a coroner's jury later ruled Kathy’s death an accidental drowning -- despite the facts that didn't seem to fit: the empty bathtub, the bruises on Kathy’s body. Twenty-five years and three marriages later, Drew Peterson is at the center of a storm of suspicion and speculation over what happened to two of those wives. And ever since then-- she's been going through a lot.

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