Baseball euphemisms dating

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There is some disagreement over whether certain terms are or are not euphemisms.

Several are known to have occurred in Indo-European languages, including the presumed original Proto-Indo-European words for bear (*rkso), wolf (*wlko), and deer (originally, hart—although the word hart remained commonplace in parts of England until the 20th century as is witnessed by the widespread use of the pub sign The White Hart).The first can be either offensive or merely humorously deprecating with the second one generally used more often in the sense of something deliberately offensive.The last is used mainly in arguments to make a point seem more correct. Periphrasis or circumlocution is one of the most common — to "speak around" a given word, implying it without saying it.Dating someone who refers to sex by a completely foreign name can lead to momentary awkwardness (and hilarity). In an attempt to lessen possible confusion (but mostly for our own amusement), we’ve rounded up the 100 most common ways to refer to sex.

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