Att speed dating commercial actress

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He knows where to find a great conch salad in the Bahamas.

But when the cameras roll he is instantly cool, smiling and laughing as if he's at a cocktail party--not a TV-commercial shoot in a back lot at Universal Studios. Goldsmith skids down a 15-foot-high wooden structure filled with fake snow to look like a ski jump. Goldsmith plays, who is so revered that, as one ad says, "if he were to pat you on your back, you would list it on your resume." As the campaign enters its sixth year, Ad Age sat down with Mr.

After all, when you are The Most Interesting Man in the World, everything comes easily. The surge is largely attributable to the James Bond-meets-Ernest Hemingway character Mr.

Dos Equis sales soared, more than doubling between 20 to more than 15 million cases, according to Heineken USA. He's an illusion of things past." The campaign's also looks to push boundaries. Goldsmith making public-relations appearances, or showing up in TV programs or movies, as the Most Interesting Man.

The campaign has stuck to the same formulas even as it has passed through multiple brand directors and agency executives. Last year, this led to some trouble, when a billboard that read "Approach women like you would wild animals, with caution and a soothing voice," drew complaints from women's groups and was pulled. Heineken USA has said it has turned down plenty of offers because it does not want the character to overshadow the brand.

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