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An in-depth investigative site revealed that Boulder Police Detective Melissa Hickman reviewed the 911 call and transcribed it after having it enhanced at the Aerospace Corporation.

Similarly, Lawrence Schiller‘s book ‘s findings above. John made drinks for everybody from the butler’s kitchen.

Oddly, John Ramsey had recently received a holiday bonus nearly the exact amount demanded in the note.

(Image Source: pintrest) The Ransom Note & 911 Early on December 26th, Patsy Ramsey (possibly in the same clothes), awoke at am and was said to have made her way down a staircase known to those familiar with the large house.

Reports confirm that rigor mortis had set in on the body and an odor of decomposition had also been present.

It would later be revealed that Jon Benét had undigested pieces of pineapple still in her stomach and small intestine.

However, John and Patsy maintained that their son was not yet awake at this time.

Patsy then called her neighbor and close friends, Priscilla White, as well as John and Barbara Fernie, between am and 6am.

Strangely, this was the exact amount that Patsy’s husband John received for a Christmas bonus in 1996, while working as the After discovering that Jon Benét was missing from her room, Patsy made a distressing 911 call to police at am, where Burke was said to have been heard talking in the background.Interestingly, Jon Benét’s mother Patsy, claimed to not remember giving her daughter fruit that day or night, even though the bowl containing the pineapple had her and her son’s fingerprints on it.Burke Ramsey‘s fingerprints were also found on a nearby glass. ’ – Above is the apparent ransom note found by Patsy Ramsey.The December 26th phone call to police would be the second 911 call from the Ramsey home over a three-day period. By then the Barnhills, the Fernies, the Stines, Pinky Barber, and the Whites, who came with Priscilla’s parents, had all arrived. The kids played in the living room by the big Christmas tree.The first was on December 23rd, during a party at the Ramseys house, which included guests said to be from the upper echelon of Boulder society. That’s where Santa read his little verses about everyone. Claus was there too, Santa looked kind of sick.” “The FBI’s Child Abduction and Serial Killer Unit had noted that Jon Benét’s murderer almost certainly hadn’t committed a murder before.

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