Animated dating game mature

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This story is yet another emotional piece of work that focuses on mature themes such as psychological distress, as well as physical weakness.

It takes the player on a journey which often swings you in various directions which can be very saddening at times, simply because everything hits you unexpectedly and you end up shedding a few tears for Aoi and his life.

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If My Heart Had Wings is created around the eroge genre, and focuses on the struggling life of Aoi as he tries to find direction in his life.

What makes Grisaia no Kajitsu really fun is how it branches out in various directions via plot lines, all of which contain their own unique endings some of which depict highly sexual CG scenes with Yuuji performing.

To achieve these endings however will most certainly fall on you, the player, so experiencing the various plot lines may lead you down really interesting paths.

During his journey of self discovery he meets a young girl in a wheelchair named Kotori, and the two eventually build a close bond with one another.

With many of his other childhood friends around him, they all decide to recreate their dream of the soaring club, one which will allow them to someday soar the skies.

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