Amateur homemade nudist camp photo pages

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The trail and facilities are rugged; some eroded areas are very narrow over cliffs that are hundreds of feet high.

CAMPING PERMITS The Kalalau Trail is currently OPEN for hiking. Call the DLNR for more info: (808) 274-3444 Hawaii DLNR Main (info may not be current).

This is because it can get slightly cool and breezy in the valley streams and shade.

The strenuous eleven-mile Kalalau Trail winds along this rugged coastline, providing the only land access to legendary Kalalau Valley.

March can be very rainy or very sunny - hard to call.

I'm planning to hike to Kalalau and camp for a night before returning the next day.

My friends are hoping to do a one way hike from Kalalau beach in December via a zodiak charter.

A few years back Captain Zodiak would drop people off at Kalalau to hike out.

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