Am i dating a loser quiz

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When she expressed this to me I was disgusted(disgusted being the only word I know to use but I don’t really know how I feel about this issue) and feeling like she wanted me to controll her which is something I feel is wrong for two reasons 1-it shows that a women is insecure and instead of learning or dealing with things she is trying to pass the “buck” to the man and 2-a man who tries to controll things in such a way is insecure in himself or is simply careless of how he treats others.

I simply didn’t want her to have sex with me unless she wanted to because she was easily pushed into things.

I wasn’t taking the initiative in certain parts of the Relationship that she expected.

For example, I would ask her if she wanted to have sex instead of saducing her.

When I call this game playing, I don’t mean that anyone is hiding behind anything here – it’s not a manipulative thing or a way to hide – it’s rather a sort of channel through which some women are able to accept sexual love without feeling guilty.

The presence of this sort of psychosexual game may not indicate the pinacle of ideal maturity, but then again, there is no need to scorn the process of this sort of sexual game playing either. You also have to take into account your own lack of comfort with the whole being sexual thing.

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Not all women are like this, but a substantial amount are. Playing the ‘seducer’ is a role – it doesn’t have to define you, and you can put it on and off like a suite of clothing.

You have not had a lot of sexual practice and are still very new to making love.

Your confidence and comfort level in playing a ‘seducer’ role will increase as you have more experience.

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