Alex morgan dating a mexican

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Dre—Morgan is redefining what a smart, successful soccer player can do. There is an upcoming Olympics to win this summer, in Rio de Janeiro. But for the moment, Morgan says she has another priority: "working on myself." And enjoying a little downtime.Last winter, she married her longtime boyfriend, Servando Carrasco, a midfielder for the Orlando City team. "But it's hard juggling my family, my husband, balancing that time."Their lives are more in sync now that Morgan was traded in October from the Portland Thorns to the Orlando Pride, which lets her and Carrasco live in the same city. I watch as Morgan sprints down the field—her 5-foot-7 frame leaning forward, her arms tucked in and pumping fast—at a pace that seems almost...human. Today she is charging hard inside a warehouselike gym in Orlando, Florida, where she's training with her off-season performance and speed specialist, Dan Schuck.The youngest of three sisters, Morgan was raised in Diamond Bar, California, about 30 miles east of Los Angeles.In 1999, when she was 10, the United States won the Women's World Cup; Morgan began idolizing players like Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly.That match averaged a record 26.7 viewers, making it the most-watched soccer game—men's or women's—in U. "My motivation was winning and proving that I belong on a team." Early in her training, Morgan came up with a list of goals: Make the women's national team, win an Olympic gold medal, win the World Cup. "I always felt those things were out of reach," she says now, taking a minute to absorb what she's accomplished.

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"I'll play for as long as my body can last at this level," says Morgan.

The points would translate into dollars toward a new car for college (yes, major incentive). While there, she racked up all-Pac-10 honors and was a 2010 all-American.

Jenny got a lot of As and asked for a Mercury sedan. After graduating, she turned pro and in 2011 joined the women's national team, where she bonded with teammates who supported and encouraged one another.

Jeri got good grades and made the cheerleading squad: She got a Chevy truck. She made the honor roll and scored so many goals on the soccer field that she walked away with a Lexus 350. Especially Abby Wambach, who recently retired but was Morgan's wingwoman on the field.

"Having a partnership is so important, and we had chemistry right away," Morgan says of Wambach.

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