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There was little doubt that Mon-El would return this season, and with Chris Wood present in the press rooms at San Diego Comic-Con, it's pretty clear he'll be around, even though there aren't any new details about it.But a recurring theme at this year's SDCC when it came to the assorted superhero shows was actors who simply couldn't say much (see also: Danielle Panabaker talking Killer Frost on ). Wood admitted that the cast has only read scripts for the first two episodes of the season so far, he gave thoughtful answers when confronted with some of the criticisms about Mon-El as a character, and he definitely has an idea of where he might be going next as a character, even if it doesn't include any story specifics. Fadi: So Olivia, you’re spending a lot of time with Harry! Sarah: Listen, I’ve only got a minute, I can’t stay. Visit the Chrome blog to learn more about how Chrome will work with Flash until 2020.So I’m addicted to the new TV show Flash Forward, about something that causes the entire world to black out for 2 minutes while seeing a vision of their lives 6 months in the future. Harry: She thinks I’m spending too much time with Olivia. I told Bindyu that Harry’s helping me to fix my webpages.

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The verb 'has/have got' is used to indicate possession.

We suggest you do the vocabulary activity below before you listen.

Then listen to the episode and do the first task to check your understanding.

The whole black-girl-with-asian-guy thing has become WAY more common over the last few years (I have my theories on that), although it’s still a pretty rare thing to see overall.

I’ve dated several black girls (okay, mostly half black), and you do see a lot of double takes when you’re out in public. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that there’s anything with being asian.

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