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Nor can banks supply credit cards to anyone under age 21--most college underclassmen--unless the customer has a cosigner.

The law requires only that the co-signer be over 21. The law does not prevent credit card companies from paying schools for special access to students.

Now 28, Smith is still paying 0 monthly in credit card bills, some dating back to purchases from her college days.

Bank of America, which dominates the market, said it has affinity contracts with some 700 schools and alumni associations, where marketing practices vary.On their own for the first time, young credit card users can quickly fall behind on payments.Despite not having a full-time job or much in savings, Lisa Smith easily found her first credit card on campus--from bank marketers stationed outside her freshman dormitory.Colleges say the money helps them plug holes in budget shortfalls and shrinking endowments.Some say they use the money to grant more scholarships to students.

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