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Last summer, Kotaku began to trace Japan’s history of dating simulators, touching briefly on the games’ growing popularity in the states.

Though there is undoubtedly a market for fictionalized dating roleplay in Japan, American companies are still struggling to define exactly who is playing otome, choosing between illustrated men based on their personality profiles.

In addition to anime and manga, I also have a passion for video games.

Some might argue the hobbies go hand-in-hand, and an abundance of anime-themed games adds support to the claim.

Game types span a wide range of genres from massive online multiplayer games, to role-playing games, fighters and dating simulators.In these games, storyline choices trigger what players refer to as flags.For example, deciding to help a potential love interest recover from a fall would trigger a flag.Otome is a still-emerging genre of mobile gaming which allows the user to roleplay as a character, typically female.The primary objective of otome games is to navigate social structures and eventually choose a NPC “boyfriend” after being presented with several options.

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