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He also had the motivation to move out of his hometown, where his art was not well received.

"You haven't lived 'til you've been called a Satanic pornographer," he says.

Tiny metal steps are welded to the interior framework, leading to an observation platform. He excitedly tells us about his latest project, a version of Leonardo da Vinci's huge 24-foot-tall horse.

It offers a view of Wayne's sculpture of a life-size crucified devil, which Wayne calls a cross between Pazuzu and the Creature from the Black Lagoon. "I build in little teeny pieces, and I have no way of measuring -- so I could spend years on this thing and it may not work," he says.

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Strange and amusing destinations in the US and Canada are our specialty. Use Roadside's Attraction Maps to plan your next road trip.Over countless miles, staring at America's strange sights, we're used to the sad fact that some places will never be fully explained, or even understood. Folk art without intelligible labels and with no living creator.A cryptic statue alone in a field, with no button to push for a recorded explanation."I can't weld it back on because the grass would catch fire." We continue past a Grim Reaper made of pipes, buxom fertility nymphs cavorting around a goat, and a 15-foot-tall pink-headed hammer that honors the five hammers that Wayne broke while building his shack. But he does good eyes." Wayne takes us on a tour inside the head.The big tool is impressive, but it's dwarfed by its neighbor, the giant Egyptian bull head, which according to Wayne weighs 25 tons and took three years to build. It's a rusty, lockjaw-waiting-to-happen adventure that clangs and bangs and shrieks every time that we painfully collide with some part of it. For all of his wisecracks and over-the-edge posturing, Wayne is a good guy who likes to meet people and wants to show them what he's created.

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