Adult chat site with userplane

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I promised my informant that I would not go into any details publicly about that specific situation.

But it certainly highlights the fact that CMNM (Clothed male / Naked Male) scenes and homoerotic experiences are certainly about to come-of-age.

If there are any other men groups that are currently operating as either CMNM or exhibitionist-voyeur groups with regular or irregular events, we'd all be delighted if you'd shared some information about them (no specific contact names, location, or photos are required).

I recently heard from one of blog readers (Guys Into CMNM) about a 'secret' society in London where certain guys are invited to perform sex (in pairs or threesomes) for the viewing pleasure of other couples or small groups of onlookers.

None of the viewers are allowed to remove their clothing or touch the 'performers'.

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