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Saudis have enjoyed a rapid growth of internet and communications technologies (ICTs) in recent years.

Access had increased to 60.1 percent of the population by mid-2014, up from 36 percent in 2008.[7] Fixed broadband subscriptions stood at 48.4 percent of all households, with a majority using ADSL connections.

Internet cafes, once prevalent, have become less popular in recent years due to the broad availability and affordability of home broadband access.

While the country is grappling with regional threats related to the recruitment and return of armed extremists fighting in Syria, broad anti-terrorism regulations are being applied to human rights defenders and critics of the state.

In the Eastern Province (), where disparate protests have continued for years, seven men were sentenced for 5 to 10 years under the Anti-Cyber Crime Law for allegedly inciting protests and damaging public order through Facebook.

Monthly expenditure on 4G broadband ranges from between SAR 55 () for a 2GB allowance to SAR 146 () for a family plan of 60 GB.[8] Household internet plus television packages with fiber-optic connections range from SAR 300 for speeds of 25 Mbps to SAR 800 for 200 Mbps.[9] Mobile broadband use is even higher, with a penetration rate of 78.3 percent.

Standard mobile phone subscriptions have risen to 51 million, resulting in a penetration rate of 169.3 percent.[10] Finally, 87.8 percent of mobile subscriptions are prepaid.

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