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Do you want to be able to speak your mind but not have anyone know who you are? You are able to set which feed your comments are posted to, such as just students at your school or for your whole city.You can see what's going on in your nearby area, chat with others, and even comment on other people's posts without letting anyone know who you are. You can private message to connect with others, and tag your friends anonymously so they can get in on the action.Have a look at our review to get more in-depth information about the app and what it can do for you.Posyt is an interesting social networking app that helps you meet people relevant to you, based on how and what you think. Email [email protected] problems, suggestions or compliments.

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To make a match, swipe right to Link ideas and chat, or swipe left to Skip the ideas the app recommends to you.

Recommendations are based on the idea or ideas you've inputted, your location, and your Links.

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    You can also lock-release Flash by pressing on the "puzzle" icon in the top right corner of your browser.

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    Posting of personal Real names, phone numbers, addresses etc. If you chose to share that information with another in chat, do it in PM or on messenger.

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