About dating a married man tall gay men dating

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He drank entirely too much and when that happened, all he did was pick a fight.

He tried to talk me into getting plastic surgery and would say I was 'unhinged' when I got too upset.

After we broke up, he tried to repair things with his wife, and that didn't work, and I think he realized very quickly that no sane woman would deal with his enormous ego for how little he gives in return.

“You may have an individual who wants deeper intimacy, but for whatever attachment reasons, they may be afraid,” explains Aaron.

From enjoying no-strings-attached sex to simply falling for a friend and coworker, three women shared with why they slept with married men, and what it taught them about themselves.

Our relationship started off with him being my mentor and helping me at work. He brought me to the house he lived in with his wife (she moved out and across the country) and that made me uncomfortable.

I saw evidence of the fighting they had (holes in the wall, broken banisters), and I just wanted to take care of him.

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