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Celebrities’ lawyers are often too anxious to please their clients and sometimes sacrifice professionalism in the interests of not being fired.I’m not suggesting that filing the affidavit in Pistorius’s case was an example of this, but I am saying that the defence lawyer should have been darn sure that his client was telling him the truth before he allowed him to lock in his story so early.However, there are great risks in submitting an affidavit before all the forensic evidence is in.country such as South Africa, which does not have trial by jury.Professional judges, though they often deny it, are also influenced by their perception of the defendant, which they have garnered not from the evidence, but from the media and from watching the celebrity perform.This helps the other person get to know you, your likes, and your preferences.

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The next, she’d dodge date invites or fail to reply to texts.

I recently conducted an informal survey of men and women in their 20s and 30s, during which I asked each one to share their biggest gripe about the opposite sex. Many millennial daters are blind to how they’re coming across.

I didn’t expect the result to be so unanimous, but it was. Case in point: I remember once interviewing a guy in his late 20s who swore he’d improved his communication skills a ton in recent years.

They live in the here and now, and often their partner might view their lack of consistency as cold and callous. Mixed-signal communicators often don’t say what they mean, or mean what they say. They “test” their relationship partners with dares, passive-aggressiveness, or withholding.

They live in nuance, often read between the lines and convey hidden meanings their partner is magically supposed to understand.

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