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That is a wonderful thing, and should be your primary focus above all things in your situation.

I pray that you will not let anything or anyone disrupt your steps toward being received into the Catholic Church. Your entering the Catholic Church is the worst thing that can happen to the devil, so what you are going through is likely going to be used to shake your faith and perhaps attempt to get you to not become Catholic.

Just because you are in love with someone does not mean you can (or should) proceed with that person toward marriage.

I will assume you are a baptised Christian at this time, based on your becoming Catholic.Therefore, you are dating a married man, which you are not permitted to do.God cannot call a person to a vocation when they are already in a vocation.By ending the romantic relationship, you are telling your boyfriend that you love him enough to let him go, and give him to God.And you tell God you love Him above all things, and respect the institution of marriage more than your own desires.

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